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Site Entrance Canopy Model 2019

NEW MARQUEE: detachable and foldable for correct and comfortable transport and storage.


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This marquee is designed for safe access to the construction site or building, avoiding injuries to workers or pedestrians from falling objects. It is also used as a  cover footbridge to clear irregularities in the ground, such as ditches, holes, etc.

The footbridge and the canopy are joined in a complete set.  Though both can be ordered together or separately according to the needs of each customer, that is, the customer can order only the roof and legs and then the floor if necessary or vice versa.

Everything is manufactured with galvanized material.
The standard measures of the floor are 250cm x110cm, and the ceiling is 270cm x120cm.

Different models or representations are seen in the images above:

Image  1: complete canopy WITH floor and roof assembled.
Image  2: complete canopy WITH floor and roof dismounted for transportation
Image  3: canopy WITH roof but WITHOUT floor assembled
Image  4: canopy WITH roof but WITHOUT floor dismounted for transportation

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