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Multi-purpose P4 Clamp UNE 13374:2013

This certified multi-purpose component is proven by our teamwork to solve a variety of situations on the building sites. Depending on the complements used and the installation form, it facilitates the accomplishment of the customer´s necessities, becoming a reliable, strong, and low-cost solution.

The baluster and guardrail must be added.

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The UNE 13374:2013 Certified clamp is used to solve multiple situations.

This equipment is composed of several parts: A “main piece” and three others that provide versatility. The assembling of each piece determines the correct use.

Each method has been tested in the laboratory so that its versatile handling is licensed as indicated in the respective labels.

The baluster and guardrail must be added.

Components of this solution system

This solution is made up of a shared part for all applications (the P4 base part), to which different implements will be added to obtain the swivel clamp, the metal shape clamp, and the rigid clamp, making it versatile and essential in the construction site, with the possibility of acquiring the complement we need at a later date.

This clamp has been tested by an accredited laboratory in all its assembly positions.

Swivel Solution Sytem

With the base piece and the rotating complement, we obtain the most versatile piece of all, allowing us to fix the system from a horizontal or vertical position to an inclined one, maintaining the verticality of the post, and making it an ideal safety element for renovations or new constructions. These attributes make it an ideal safety solution for reforms or new construction work. It is also possible to use extensions or anchor it to a net to it.

Fixed Solution System

With the base piece and the fixed component, we get an economical piece that will allow us to solve a lot of situations on the work, installing it in a horizontal or a vertical position, fencing with U-type nets, and allowing the use of extensions to make overhanging projections, becoming an essential security element on the work.

Solution systems for metal profiles

With the base element and the complement for the metal profile, we can install protection on any IPN, IPE, HEA, HEB, UPN, and angular sections in any direction, either from above, from below, horizontally, or vertically, using extensions or assembling protection with a net.

Versatility guaranteed

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